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Not a Newsworthy Post

It’s been incredibly busy, so much so that I’ve found it difficult to find sufficient writing time. Since this blog is dedicated to my novel, it only makes sense that the posts would accompany progress on the novel. That said, there hasn’t been much progress of late, but I am hoping for that to turn around. And quick.

Good news though – I drafted a new short story today that I hope will be usable in the Humble Fiction Cafe’s latest project. More on that at a later time.

Also, watch for an upcoming announcement on my first ever blog contest that will be hosted at WordProverb. Check that site on Friday for more details!

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New Picture for the Blog Header

I’m so excited about the picture I found for the header on this novel blog and thought I should share some background.

Hope and Faith is set in Olney, IL, and I wanted its rural scenery reflected in the blog header. I went to work looking for an appropriate picture (thanks to social networking sites, this process took only a day!), and was sent a link to this picture of the covered footbridge in Olney City Park.

Having grown up in Olney, I remember playing on this bridge as a kid. Sometimes we called it the bat cave or bat bridge, and rumors were that it was home to many bats, although I personally never saw one. We played in and all around that bridge, as well as the numerous other footbridges throughout the park. Olney City Park was, and to my knowledge still is, a great park for kids to play!

Thanks to Bob at flickr for letting me use this photo, and here’s the picture in its entirety (I had to crop it to fit in the header). Quite the photographer, I have enjoyed viewing my childhood stomping grounds. Here are some more Olney photo’s by Bob.

So, what do you think? Makes a nice header, huh?

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